Arig Hackathon, 2012 - Arad

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האירוע הסתיים - תודה לכל מי שלקח חלק בהאקאתון הראשון שלנו בערד!

תמונות מהאירוע אפשר למצוא כאן

זמן מדבר, המקום בו נזכה להתארח


A full weekend devoted to wireless mesh learning, experimentation & hacking in the beautiful desert landscape of Arad!


  • עמותת אריג
  • כל מי שרעיון הרשת החופשית קרוב לליבו!


9th of August until 10th (afternoon), with early work starting on the 8th


Zman Midbar lodge, close to Arad - map link


Basically we will gather, divide into working groups and get busy talking, building & hacking! the final talk schedule is still in the works but there's plenty to talk about so be sure it will be interesting. Add a few long-range-link-experiments with Arad & a nice desert style kumzitz for a great desert weekend!

Suggested Workshops

  • Cantenna building
  • OpenWRT image building
  • Arig outdoor enclosure design
  • Arig node registration wizard
  • Israeli ISP Connectivity - L2TP tunneling on OpenWRT
  • Gateway and/or inter-LAN-networking authentication via VPN
  • Mesh VoIP using ENUM records in an mDNS environment
  • Overlay Internet working via DN42, VPN
  • long-range wireless linking with commodity hardware
  • fabfi directional antenna building
  • <add your idea here>

Suggested Talks

Note: these can be simple translated versions of many good talks which were already given at BattleMesh events, etc.

  • Mesh intro 101
  • Freifunk network history
  • Panel?: Mesh network sustainability in Israel
  • Security: use{ful|less} in mesh protocols ?


Simple: send us an email with the subject [Arad-Hackathon] to 'contact' at this domain. Be sure to include these:

  • name
  • phone number
  • how certain you will attend and on which days
  • what workshop would you like to work in, skills etc.

Fees, Fees, Fees...

Unfortunately organizing the event is not completely without cost - we ask every participant for a donation of ILS 250, which will be used to cover the costs of renting the place, running local infrastructure (generator gas, etc), and food for duration of the event. If this is a problem for you, please let us know in advance. Any remaining funds will be used by the Arig association (עמותת אריג) to promote the use of mesh technology in Israel.


The event itself will take place in Zman Midbar, but people who prefer to stay in Arad can always catch a ride to the event. Mattresses are available, but bring a sleeping-bag or blanket for yourself. This is a desert environment, and it can get *cold* at night, so make sure you have something warm to wear. People who would like a more comfortable bed can always stay in Arad and catch a ride to the event.

If you can offer accommodation in Arad please add contact info here:

  • <add your name here>

Hospitality networks such as can also be used to find a place to stay.


Available Equipment


Good-To-Bring Equipment

Bring mobile computing gear of any kind, WiFi hardware, power-hubs, network cables and switches, power-supplies, soldering gear, tools, (recycled) raw-materials to build outdoor router cases or antennas.
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